Core Developers

Arthur MartinDr. Arthur Martin

Arthur V. Martin, PhD


As an Environmental and Mechanical Engineer Mr. Martin, President and Principal Research Scientist, has personally conducted more than 4,000 assessments in his career for chemical biological, bacterial and viral contamination. He pioneered the concept of “Prophylactic Air Management for Pathogen Control”. He has an extensive list of publications and peer reviewed awards and lectures worldwide on the subjects of Pathogen Control and Indoor Air Quality. CLICK HERE TO READ A FULL BIO

Kevin MartinKevin Martin

Kevin M. Martin, MS, EdS


Kevin holds a BS from Appalachian State University as well as a MS and EdS from Florida State University. He has personally conducted in excess of 2,500 building bio-aerosol assessments including numerous medical facilities and is a specialist in identifying water intrusion issues. Kevin’s duties also include review of distributor applications, contract review and structuring of pricing to meet regional and global requirements. He is the lead investigator on issues related to chemical contamination.

John BenderJohn S. Bender, P.E.

John S. Bender, P.E.

Strategic Partner

John Bender holds a BS degree in Engineering from Purdue University. He has worked in the HVAC industry for over 20 years in both manufacturing and sales. He is a partner at an HVAC sales firm in New York City. John, along with Dr. Martin, has extensive experience in automatic and manual Path-Away delivery systems. He speaks both Portuguese and Spanish.

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