Dr. Martin, Environmental and Mechanical Engineer

He has personally conducted more than 4,000 assessments globally in his career for chemical biological, bacterial and viral contamination. He pioneered the concept of “Prophylactic Air Management for Pathogen Control” and he has an extensive list of publications and peer reviewed awards and he has lectured worldwide on the subjects of Pathogen Control and Indoor Air Quality in buildings of all sizes, uses and physical construction.

Dr. Martin Is a former nominee for the prestigious Kochon Prize, awarded by The World Health Organization for his work stemming the spread of T.B., Tuberculosis, in building thereby reducing treatment times and allowing more infected people to be treated quicker, more efficiently and less costly. The product he developed also acts as a Bactericide, Fungicide and Viricide and has proven efficacious against the current COVID-19 (SARS CoV2) pandemic as well as numerous other pathogens.

Dr. Martin was recently nominated for a Nobel Prize for his 20+ years of research and development of an organic based, non-toxic Tuberculocidal product that can be mass produced and globally distributed.

Along with the product, Dr. Martin conceptualized, designed, prototyped, patented and made available a delivery system that will automatically infuse the product into enclosed buildings.

Positions Held:

President & Principal Research Scientist
Global Infection Control Consultants LLC
North Miami, Florida USA
Environmental Consultant
The Faisal Group of Companies
Riyadh, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
Collaborative Researcher
Camarines Norte State University
Daet, Philippines
STOP T.B. Board
W.H.O. World Health Organization
Geneva, Switzerland
Infectious Diseases International Research Initiative
Ankara, Turkey


Nobel Prize

Nominated for a Nobel Prize for research and development controlling Pathogenic Bioaerosols including COVID-19(SARS CoV2) organically.

Kochon Prize

Nominated for The Kochon Prize awarded by W.H.O for work with Tuberculosis (T.B.)


Awarded Global Export Excellence Award by the United States Department of Commerce; U.S. Commercial Service.


ASHRAE 1st Place Award: Existing Health Care Facilities
ASHRAE 1st Place Award: Existing Institutional Buildings


Energy User News Magazine: Awarded Most Efficient Building in The Nation